Amazing portrait

Exploring the subject of beauty has been a popular pursuit in creative disciplines like portrait photography, and we see it portrayed in many different ways. We see it a lot in themes and subjects like fashion, the human body, landscapes, and nature.

We seek to have beauty in our lives and appreciate seeing it in our surroundings. We give it attention to social media and strive to show the world how we create and capture it.

For Rotterdam-based portrait photographer Laura Zalenga, however, it’s not only found in the youthful faces that grace many magazine covers and dominate screens of all kinds. This idea inspired her to do a portrait photography project to show the beauty that is only visible on faces carved by life and the passing of time.

Faces that tell about life

“During my year as an Adobe Creative Resident, I explored the beauty of age, caused by wondering why our beauty ideal still tends to circle around young, smooth skin instead of faces that already tell some life,” Zalenga said in her project statement. “The project seeks to inspire people to show interest in age, to learn about its beauty, to meet elderly people and have conversations and friendships with them.”

For this visual exploration, she created some beautiful and powerful portraits of two women in their 70s at the time. She also picked some simple but also graceful settings that proved effective not only in highlighting their features but also in portraying them as strong and elegant women.

Lift with rope and bucket

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